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A deeper clean that leaves your home or business fresher.

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to Sheffield’s premiere, family-run cleaning company

Cleaning Your Home

We respect the trust you place in us when you let us into your home. That’s why we will always be considerate and deliver you outstanding results. We take pride in our work so you can take pride in your home.

Cleaning Your Business

For your staff, and your customers, a clean, healthy environment can be a real boost. We understand that by choosing Cleaning Pro you are choosing to invest in your business, and we want to get you the best possible return on that investment.

Professional Service

At cleaning pro, we take pride in every aspect of our work. From popping round to give you a free quote, to turning up on time and leaving your flooring and furniture in outstanding condition, you can trust us to do the best job possible.

Welcome to Cleaning Pro

Cleaning Pro offer an unparalleled carpet, floor and furniture cleaning service. Our premium quality approach harnesses powerful equipment operated by seasoned professionals, who truly care about your home or business.

Proud of our work

We take pride in our work, so you can take pride in your home or business. We genuinely care that you get the best possible results. Our experience and equipment enables us to get those results above and beyond what is often expected. You’ll be surprised how well we can deal with tricky stains and marks.

Professional cleaning

Our decades of experience is combined with an expansive range of techniques and specialist equipment, enabling us to treat flooring and furniture in ways that clean deeper and leave them fresher. Our high end steam cleaning machine allows us to clean your carpets deeper and faster while also leaving them dryer.

Protect your investment

Flooring, furniture and furnishings should last a long time, and they should always enhance your home or business. A proper clean expands their lifespan, and makes a stunning difference to any space. We often find that we are able to give a new lease of life in many cases where others would have given up.

Experience a new kind of clean

With powerful equipment and experienced, caring professionals, Cleaning Pro offer a superior service. Whether it’s cleaning deeper into the pile of your carpet, or restoring the grout of a tiled floor, the results we achieve can have a huge impact on a room.

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About our service

Not only do our results speak for themselves, the way in which we get them is entirely focussed around making your life as easy as possible.


Prompt arrival

We turn up, on time, when you’re expecting us. And we will always do our best to make that the time that is most convenient for you.


Testing, testing

Before we carry out extensive work, we perform careful testing to ensure that we use the methods that are best for you.


We do the heavy lifting

We do the hard part for you. By cleaning half of a room at a time, we can keep your furniture from clogging up the rest of the house keeping effort and disruption to a minimum.

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